Sustainable fashion trend: circular fashion

The fashion industry needs this model to become more sustainable


Sustainable fashion is becoming more and more important in our society. Circular fashion is a proposal that rethinks the entire industry.


This proposal comes about due to the need for fashion to be sustainable and environmentally friendly, as the fashion industry is one of the largest worldwide and one of the most polluting.


Characteristics of circular fashion


Circular fashion is based on the circular economy system, which seeks to optimize resources and reduce the impact on the environment, i.e., it seeks feedback between consumers so that products do not have a linear consumption, but are given another life.


That is why the useful life of a garment is very important and this model is intended to give garments more than one use, thus avoiding falling into fast fashion.


The circular fashion model uses renewable energy sources, is based on the principles of eliminating waste and pollution in all processes, uses natural raw materials, and keeps products and materials in use.


The aim of circular fashion is to question the current industry, to propose methods that break with a linear production of ‘produce, consume and throw away’; and also to look for sustainable alternatives that are durable over time.

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