10 reasons to start the year making use of sustainable fashion

At Lake Shoes we tell you why sustainable fashion.

At Lake Shoes we are committed to the environment. That is why we have created a 100% eco-friendly and handcrafted footwear brand, with the aim of offering quality footwear with a totally exclusive design. Today we bring you 10 reasons to start the year with Lake shoes.


1 Minimise environmental impact

Our autoclave and vulcanising system is characterised by the use of natural and high quality materials, which generate a minimum impact on the environment, resulting in a shoe with a long life, resistant and durable that respects its environment.


2 Handcrafted and innovative products

In addition to this, we combine traditional and handcrafted techniques with high technology and innovation in order to provide the highest quality and durability of our footwear. We are committed to slower consumption and production, creating timeless products that can serve you today and ten years from now.


3 Sustainable Code of Conduct

We also take care that the development of our team follows our values of sustainability, having as a main objective an appropriate and ethical behaviour during the performance of their work.


4 At Lake Shoes we ensure that we take care of nature

For the manufacture of our footwear our brand creates its own raw materials such as rubber and natural rubber. In this way, we ensure that we are not polluting the environment indirectly by buying supplies from companies that are not committed to the environment.


5 Production Made in Spain

Our footwear stands out for being a national product, thus reducing long-distance travel and avoiding environmental pollution derived from transport, while contributing to the development of industry and the local economy.


6 Use of recycled and recyclable materials

Our products make use of recycled materials, so we avoid dumping these materials as waste into the environment. In addition, our products are made from recyclable materials, giving them a second life and taking care of the environment.


7 Traceability of our footwear

All our products have a traceability QR that will allow you to know the traceability and development of each shoe individually.


8 Fair and responsible consumption

Our products are designed to make optimal use of raw materials, avoiding waste. In addition, we create products that fight against obsolescence, designed from the outset to be long-lasting.


9 High quality materials

Respecting the environment does not mean rejecting quality products. On the contrary, at Lake Shoes we only use high quality products to manufacture our products with the aim of offering the most comfortable footwear possible to our customers.


10 Forestry commitment

At Lake Shoes we are concerned about the health of our forests, which is why we are committed to reforesting areas damaged by humans and helping other living beings in the ecosystem.

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The fashion industry needs this model to become more sustainable. Circular fashion is a proposal that rethinks the entire industry.The dreams we have had for years are now a reality.