Lake Shoes was born in 1995 to cover the manufacturing demand for autoclave and vulcanized footwear, very limited until then in Spain. A starting point that has defined our trajectory and has become a key element of our success in the haute couture catwalks. From our beginnings, we work with internationally renowned firms. Its prestige has broadened our professional requirements, satisfying needs of a clientele of indisputable excellence for more than 20 years.

With more than 2,000 m2 and a professional and permanent staff of 50 people, our facilities in Crevillente (Alicante) integrate with perfection and fidelity handmade and traditional techniques with the highest technology and innovation. Union that positions our family or artisan shoemakers, generation after generation, in reference of the Spanish vulcanized systems that, with care and detail, provide the highest quality to exclusive and original designs.


The know-how of our professionals has been perpetuated for several decades to conceive and carry fully traditional and innovative knowledge. Our shoemakers have specialized in the manufacture of autoclave and vulcanized footwear treating each model with care and exclusivity. So much so that, the method is recognized internationally in the footwear sector thanks to its high quality, durability and flexibility results.

Our manufacturing system has its own and original machinery supervised by a team of lathe-milling masters, dedicated to the invention of new tools that maintain the essence of the Lake Shoes product. This development is adapted to the latest R & D technologies, providing value and precision to the design and cutting department with software and cutting leading machinery in the market. The perfect combination of technique and know-how that define an unprecedented product in the world.


Lake Shoes is committed and respects demands of the market and the client with integrity, subtly intertwining detail and professionalism in order to conceive an exclusive product of the highest quality. A philosophy reinforced by unprecedented designs, handcrafted and avant-garde procedures, and prestigious international footwear firms.


Originality and international trend are the maxim of our family. We make original designs of high fashion.


Craftsmanship and care are part of our manufacturing processes, perpetuated by a traditional and innovative combination.


Prestige and quality discover footwear Made in Spain of high fashion that travels to the catwalks becoming the latest trends.

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