Artisan processes, contemporary designs and exceptional finishes

At Lake Shoes we trust in traditional manufacturing processes, while working with avant-garde techniques to achieve footwear with exceptional finishes. Craftsmanship and innovation come together to make high-quality footwear available to the fashion sector.


Our products of excellence are based on the specialization in the manufacture of autoclave and vulcanized shoe soles, with our own production of rubber and natural rubber. Thus, we obtain flexible, resistant and comfortable results, which are a reflection of the manufacturing process we use, where even the smallest detail is taken care of.

The sophistication and professionalism of our autoclave and vulcanized specialists when it comes to making soles with rubber and natural rubber by means of high-quality and resistant heating and pressure processes, have led Lake Shoes to the international catwalks of the big companies in the sector footwear.

In addition, the finishes we achieve through our traditional manufacturing processes extol the most avant-garde designs and the most demanding trends with a traditional, innovative and exclusive touch.


Dream, imagine and design with Lake Shoes.

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