New fashion trends for autumn/winter

The classic, versatile and timeless tones are the ones that will set the trends for autumn-winter 2020/21, these tones speak of optimism and functionality, while at the same time manifesting joy and positivity.

These colours are characterised by their expressiveness, and by being full of meanings that represent a classic essence. One of the star colours of this season will be brown in its different shades, from the darkest to lighter tones with yellow and orange shades, which can be complemented with military or ultramarine green or, for the more daring tastes, with a pink or intense red.

One of the shades that is presented as a trend, is the colour rust, an orange tone of very autumnal essence, at the same time as seventy, which falls again between the parades of this year, resulting in a very combinable tone and that can suit anyone.

Other of the tonalities that are presented like tendencies, and that we will be able to find in the parades of the London Fashion Week are: soft and natural yellows, explosive and carefree oranges, as sample of spontaneity and happiness; orange reds, vibrant and very dynamic, that give life to the chromatic palette of the LFW; and other more elegant and sophisticated tonalities like the red garnet, with important shades of very earthly browns.

In addition, other of the most striking shades that will mark the autumn-winter 2020/21 season are toasted pink, one of the sweetest and most feminine shades; light blues and other darker ones such as True blue, a shade that conveys confidence and security, very easy to wear and combine with more striking shades; and, finally, purple shades, especially a very intense purple that is one of the most daring options.

A season conditioned by functionality and practicality is what this autumn’s chromatic palette represents, bringing with it a message of positivity, optimism and determination.

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