We support innovation

The future depends on us. That’s why at Lake Shoes we take care of our environment and care about the environmental impact and sustainability promoting coordinated actions during all our processes.


A recent survey conducted by Smurfit Kappa has revealed that consumers are suing the most sustainable packaging brands when buying fashion products over the Internet. The sample revealed that 41% of fashion and accessories consumers have adopted more sustainable habits since the beginning of the pandemic caused by the Covid-19.

In Lake Shoes we carry out multidisciplinary measures that minimize the impact on the environment throughout the life cycle of the product and support those innovative and positive actions that some companies of the fashion industry have been carrying out.

An example is the AIGLE textile and footwear brand. This brand has created a program called “Second Breath” that promotes the purchase of second-hand Eagle products at aigle.com with the intention of giving them a second life. It encourages its consumers to become eco-citizens by giving their garments a second life.

From Lake Shoes we support the initiative that has had the AIGLE brand and all those actions that incentivize reuse, recycling and positive environmental impact.

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