We support the Prada Re-Nylon initiative

Prada is re-launching its collection created from 100% recycled nylon with many new features.


Nylon has been revalued to the next level thanks to Prada’s initiative, making it a new symbol of modern luxury. Prada Re-Nylon was born in 2019 with a capsule collection that included only unisex bags created from 100% recycled nylon. Among the benefits of nylon, the most characteristic elastic and resistant textile fibre used by this brand to make its garments stands out.


Prada has done it again, in this case in 2020, has presented great news, among which the most important is the inclusion of clothing and footwear, this shows the expansion of Prada has its commitment to responsible trade.


This new collection includes great fashion icons such as the classic gabardine, button-down coats, cocktail dresses or capes. In addition Prada wanted to make a tribute to its iconic Prada nylon backpack in 1984. But among the novelties of this new launch, Prada is making great strides in creating the first model of Re-Nylon footwear made from regenerated nylon. The new footwear models are versions of “monolith” boots and shoes, a high cane model and a low cane sneaker model.


Prada is a clear example of innovation in search of sustainability, so from Lake Shoes we support this initiative, a new Re-Nylon collection, as well as all those actions that have to do with reuse, recycling and a positive environmental impact, since among our priorities is to take care of our environment. The future depends on us, so we must take care of our surroundings and be concerned about this environmental impact.


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