Today’s Dreams Tomorrow’s Reality

To ensure a healthy future, in which we can continue to fulfill our most ambitious dreams, it is necessary to take care of the planet. 


In Lake Shoes we develop our production activity in the most sustainable way, working to minimize our environmental footprintThis is achieved by feeding our facilities with 100% renewable energy from solar panels and by integrating recycled materials into our production line. To walk with us means to take a step towards the future. Achieve your dreams with us and we will lead you to a more sustainable way of living and a better tomorrow. We are committed to everything that matters to us. We present you with a piece of life, a bond of present and future. 

Lake’s Forest

 A place filled with life, located in Jaén (Spain) and Agroforestry Bourgogne (France). Two lungs in the heart of Europe that will provide oxygen and absorb CO2. At the same time we are reforesting damaged areas by humans and helping other living beings in the ecosystem. They are of vital importance for the pollination of bees, and they are the main food source for many birds, which also helps the tree to reproduce through the dispersion of its seeds. 


Environmental footprint

243 Trees planted in Spain & France

2.600 m² of land reforested in Europe

35.200 kg of CO2 captured

87.480 kg of oxygen provided

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