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Nexus by Lake Shoes is a digital platform where companies can find industry professionals like you.

Nexus” is a word of Latin origin whose translation “Connection” or “Nexus” defines the objective of our platform. The moment in which we live prevents us from exchanging and sharing links and ideas in person. Lake Shoes is taking the initiative by bringing its customers closer to its suppliers through Nexus. A private platform where you can reach more customers thanks to the digital tools that we put at your disposal, allowing you to connect professionals in the sector quickly and easily.

Our goal is that all those professionals looking to fulfill their most luxurious dreams in Lake Shoes can have the best experience, that they can make their dreams come true. To achieve that unique experience, there must be perfect synergy and communication between all parties involved in the process. The health crisis has distanced us, greatly complicating the transfer of information from one to the other.  On our platform you will find: Inspiration, variety, professionalism, trust and ecology.  Our future depends on the decisions we make today. Therefore, in Lake Shoes we are committed to the environment and we care about the environmental impact and sustainability, our future is decided now. At Lake Shoes we carry out multidisciplinary measures that minimize the impact on the environment throughout the life cycle of the product and we support all those innovative actions and positive impact that some companies in the fashion industry have made. We are confident that the future of the fashion industry will be clean, sustainable and responsible. So much so, that Nexus by Lake Shoes will have a specific section where you can find all ECO products. Commitment and innovation are very important values, in Nexus will not go unnoticed.

We know that there are many companies that share our philosophy, we want to meet you. We want to meet creative companies that share the same values and creativity as we do. Because together we are able to overcome any obstacle, we are here to listen to you.

Join the change.

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