The dreams we have had for years are now a reality

At Lake Shoes we have managed to meet all our environmental goals in record time. We strive to achieve a positive impact on our team, employees, customers and the environment, taking care of even the smallest detail in corporate and environmental commitment processes.

Our products are manufactured in a specialized way by the autoclave and vulcanized method, using materials of the highest environmental quality. In our facilities, we combine tradition and
innovation to enhance the professionalism of our master shoemakers who are dedicated to the production of exclusive raw material (100% natural rubber). The result becomes a high quality product that meets the highest demands of the market, trends and international regulations. We want a responsible and fair world. That is why we demand from ourselves and all our employees the fulfilment of social, ethical, labour and environmental standards. In this space, we count on a family of clients, shareholders and trusted suppliers that meet our requirements in terms of application of business culture; prevention, detection and eradication of irregular behaviour; and compliance with the principle of legal responsibility.

As professionals, we commit ourselves faithfully to the achievement of a Code of Conduct and Labour Practices that follows the principles and values that define us. This establishes some action criteria observed in the performance of the work responsibilities that has as objective to procure an adequate and ethical behaviour in the formation and personal and professional development of the employees. This Code facilitates the knowledge and application of the guidelines of conduct to all those involved, physical and/or legal of the company. The future depends on us and we must take care of our environment. We care about environmental impact and sustainability promoting coordinated actions during all our processes. We carry out multidisciplinary measures that minimize the impact on the environment throughout the life cycle of the product: from design, manufacture and distribution to sale, managing waste and manufacturing our own 100% natural and recyclable rubber. In addition, we develop sustainable activities as a way to create responsible value with all our collaborators.

We want a better society. For this reason, we turn to support cultural and sport activities, as well as collaboration with NGOs. We work to generate value in a constant commitment and social responsibility that improves the life of people. We focus all our efforts on education, employment and humanitarian aid as an engine of well-being, developing sponsorship and patronage activities, and participating in social initiatives that revalue our seal.

As a demonstration that we are carrying out and fulfilling these objectives in recent years, we have carried out new environmental actions, which we will list in chronological order.

  • In 2019 we implemented leather dust recycling in our facilities. The recycled leather powder we use is 100% vegan and has the FSC certificate. These innovations that will shape the future of the footwear industry.
  • In 2020 our facilities began to be powered by renewable energy through solar panel.
  • In 2021 we founded Lake Forest, a lung in Europe and Africa to combat climate change, deforestation and local wildlife. In addition to the birth of Nexus, a platform where ideas and projects can be shared between different suppliers who share the same environmental goals. The fight against climate change, deforestation and loss of wildlife can only be won if we all get involved. Our lungs keep growing only at Lake’s Forest. 4 countries involved, over 700 trees planted, +7.100 m2 of land and more than 257 Tons of Co2 captured.
  • So what’s next? Our environmental objectives for 2022 are to achieve the RCS certificate (Recycled Claim Standard) and the OCS certificate (Organic Content Standard) with the final objective of implementing a traceability QR code in our footwear with which we can have all the information about the origin and origin of the materials that compose it.


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