2022 Spring Trends

Spring is coming, that’s why we want to share with you the trends that are coming in strong this year.


We show you the new trends that are going to cause a great sensation this season. From Lake Shoes we consider ourselves great followers of fashion and new trends that are appearing in society and that are adapted to all types of tastes and personalities and lifestyles. As we already know, spring is coming and we think there is no better way to welcome it than wearing unique looks that will be on everyone’s lips.

What to wear for spring-summer 2022?

This season is going to be very marked by the presence of colours and prints, and especially new colours that brands are adding to all their products. The main feature will be creativity, transformed into clothing, footwear, accessories, hairstyles, etc. Many of the great designers of the industry have included in their catwalks these new trends that have caused so much impact, and they are the following:


This colour is a mix between blue and purplish red and many brands have dressed many of their products with it, making it a basic in our wardrobe for this season. The brands that have been the first to jump into the pool are Lanvin, Tod‘s and Valentino with a more elegant and elegant style, while Bottega Veneta has opted to include it in a more sporty and casual line.


This season will see the return of a trend that caused a boom a few years ago, and that’s the sailor stripe print. This year designers have decided to give a new image to this trend and change the direction of the stripes, i.e. vertical stripes. The first brand we’ve seen to fall for this trend is Carolina Herrera New York, and Marni, Victoria Beckham, JW Anderson and Jil Sander, among others, have joined the cause.


This is a trend that does not come as a surprise, as we have seen that during this season there have been more brands that have opted to reflect larger looks, more oversized, wanting to show a combination of comfort and fashion. The trend that moves more in this idea are oversize garments in black and leather. We can see how Prada or Dolce & Gabbana have shown it on the catwalks.



This summer we are going to see it summed up in miniskirts in their most natural version, that is to say, very short. It is a defence of fun and hedonism in fashion to vindicate the freedom and pleasure of dressing and showing one’s body as one wants, and it is also linked to another trend that is also going to develop, transparencies. We can see examples of this in designers such as Padra, Miu Miu, Loewe, Balmain and many more. These looks are inspired by the 2000s, a trend that we have been seeing this season as well.


Although it seems unimaginable to combine a dress with trousers, this season we will see it on many catwalks and in the street, as it is a trend deeply rooted in the street style that manages to decontextualize the looks providing a special touch. We can see examples in brands such as Louis Vuitton, Peter Do, Missoni, Giorgio Armani, etc.


These trends and many more that we will analyse later on, will be the ones that will set the fashion and styling trends this spring-summer, in them we have been able to see that past trends are being recovered, new combinations of garments, new colour ranges, etc.


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