Spring summer trendy looks for men

We show you the 5 best styling secrets along with the latest trends to go to the latest fashion.

The spring summer season is just around the corner and taking advantage of the fact that it is the month of father’s day we want to show you the best men’s looks that this season will be the latest fashion trend. The most important thing to note is that this season trends are moving towards bold prints, from geometric prints, stripes, animal prints, etc.. We also have the option for the most minimalist, classic shirts that remain as a trend for the spring summer season 2022, white shirts or neutral colors with a basic structure design, to combine them with the best shoes and accessories. We can not forget one of the basic elements that every man should have in the closet and are the polo shirts, are other garments that will not be left behind this season. They will be back with a new season and they will be worn with renewed designs, as is the case of the mao collar polo shirt.

To complete the look, let’s talk about the most trendy pants. And it turns out that this year the khaki colored chino pants are imposed again and year after year they end up being the most worn and are ideal to combine a wide variety of looks. Another trend that will develop will be cargo pants, these will also be very popular, especially in dark blue or navy tones. 

When we already have our look thought, we lack the most important detail that of course, for us is the footwear. We show you the proposals that are going to wear the most in terms of footwear for spring summer 2022. One of the shoes that we believe will never go out of fashion and is a basic for all men’s looks are the plush or suede sneakers, preferably in white, as they will complete all outfits with any combination of colors. Another footwear that comes back with great force are the moccasins, the “driver” type will be another year more essential, we bet for the leather with black or blue tones to get to combine with most looks.



One of the trends that we must not forget for this season are the men’s sandals, leather, strappy, with buckle details, black, brown, white, etc.. They are footwear that give a more casual touch to everyone who wears them, and get comfort and freshness in summer without losing the style. 

We can not forget the accessories, and the caps will become the protagonists of this season, especially in neutral colors, to combine and complete the looks in a basic but remarkable way, also to cover us from the heat of this summer. Finally, one of the accessories that we also want to give prominence are the wooden necklaces or chains, since the accessories are the ones that give personality to the look and this season the trendiest looks are based on neutral colors such as beige, black, brown, gray, etc.. In this way with an accessory of this type you will give that special touch. 

In our product catalog you can see the processes we carry out for the realization of each style of footwear. Choose Lake Shoes and show off your looks this spring-summer.

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