We use as few natural resources as possible

At Lake Shoes we take care of our environment and minimise the environmental impact throughout the product’s life cycle

As we mentioned in the previous post, slow-fashion is a production model that works with natural and high quality materials, which generate a minimum impact on nature and little or no waste.

We want to do our bit, and for this reason, we take the necessary measures to minimise the impact on the environment throughout the life of the product.

During the manufacturing process, we have our own machinery system, which is checked by a team of master lathe-millers who are dedicated to the invention of new techniques that maintain the products made at Lake Shoes.

We take care of every step and every action we take, whether in the design, manufacture, distribution or final sale of the product.

We must highlight something very important and that is that all our manufacturing processes are adapted to the latest technologies in terms of R+D+i.

Our products are manufactured using the autoclave and vulcanised methods, using materials of the highest environmental quality. We also manage our own waste and take care of the manufacturing of our raw material, which is made of 100% natural and recyclable rubber.

In Lake Shoes we are committed to the environment and we strive to achieve our goals, trying to have the minimum environmental impact possible, maintaining our loyalty to traditional and artisan techniques combined with high technology and innovation to offer our products with the highest possible quality.

Furthermore, we want you to know that for many years our employees have been creating and transmitting traditional and innovative know-how, so that the working method we follow has been internationally recognised in the footwear sector thanks to high quality results, durability, flexibility and resistance.

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