Vogue unveils new trends for winter

 Get a head start and find out which trends are going to dominate next season.


One thing that stands out season after season is that there’s still something exciting about quickly spotting what’s new and either feasting your eye on it or trying to incorporate it into your wardrobe and everyday looks before (almost) everyone else does when it’s in season. In other words, knowing the trends for autumn-winter 2021/2022 right now means being top of the class in terms of study, aesthetics and maybe even practicality.


Here are some of the trends Vogue has classified for the coming season.


Quilted effect

The quilted effect, also known as quilting, is one of the trends classified in the practical category.  It is an effect that is easy to distinguish, whether in feather coats, such as those seen in Miu Miu’s fashion shows or also in Dolce & Gabbana’s, reflecting a hyper-stamped version with a futuristic cut. In addition, this type of effect is characterised by protection and comfort, which customers often want that feeling to accompany them.


High executive socks

This trend for the coming season may be familiar, as Prada proposed to claim this accessory in the spring – summer 2019 collection. But it is in this autumn-winter 2021 season, when this semi-transparent stocking sock that is halfway between the ankle and the knee is going to triumph. Dolce & Gabbana has used them to finish off all kinds of looks, including the sexiest ones, Simone Rocha, to finish off her college-inspired outfits, as has Sandy Liang.



This trend is probably considered one of the best suited to the wardrobe concept, but also as one that speaks of optimism, as there is some hope in the fact that very different brands are betting on a product category associated with a purely social context and away from homewear.


Long hair or teddy

Both are protagonists in the winter collections. This is a very common trend, especially in areas where low temperatures prevail, such as in the northern hemisphere. During 2020, outerwear for outdoor activities experienced a remarkable surge of interest worldwide during the months when confinement ended.  The outdoor, cold and fur (synthetic) equation is at the aforementioned Miu Miu, where the material has made a strong statement in inescapable, monumental fur boots that bring to mind reminiscences of the 2000s.

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