Trends in sustainable fashion

At Lake Shoes we tell you about the sustainable fashion preferences for the future of the sector.


Being sustainable has become a priority for fashion companies as the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, consumers are increasingly demanding and being sustainable is becoming more profitable for brands.


From Lake Shoes we tell you what are the trends in sustainable fashion for the future of the sector.


Organic fabrics

They help the textile industry to move towards a sustainable manufacturing model, generate awareness among end consumers about the need to make a more responsible consumption, so brands create lines of “sustainable” clothing.


Vintage clothing

Reusing old clothes by giving them a longer useful life is a trend that is becoming more and more common, as well as transforming clothes or applying DIY (self-made clothes).


Fashion sharing

This is about renting clothes, thus avoiding the unnecessary purchase of clothes that we use occasionally or only once.



This is clothing made from rubbish and waste.


Slow fashion

This refers to clothing created with care, with manual rather than industrial processes, opting for local rather than global, seeking authenticity and extending the useful life of the products.


Sustainable packaging 

Creating packaging in a way that produces a minimum environmental impact.

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La comodidad, la neutralidad de género y la estética vintage como algunas de las tendencias en calzado en otoño-invierno 2021.Adelántate y conoce qué tendencias van a predominar la próxima temporada.