Trendstop Autumn Winter 2021-22

Comfort, gender neutrality and vintage aesthetics as some of the footwear trends for autumn-winter 2021.

Trendstop is one of the world’s leading trend forecasting agencies, targeting mainly fashion and creative professionals. It is renowned for its trend analysis and forecasting.

The agency provides FashionUnited readers with the successful footwear styles and silhouettes that have been reflected on the women’s catwalks for the autumn/winter season 2021-2022. For the same season but next year, footwear embraces trends such as comfort, gender neutrality and also a return to vintage aesthetics.

Casual wear triggers such influence that it attracts sensational and unpredictable shapes, while multi-purpose models, whether for home or outdoors, reflect consumers’ desire for designs that feature greater versatility and added value. Some of the footwear trends seen on the women’s catwalks for the autumn/winter season were:

Slouch Salon

Casual wear is increasingly seen as a very important category and footwear is following suit. The shapes of boots take on a feeling of comfort similar to that offered by slouch shoes, taking advantage of the trend that unites the formal with the informal. Leather is a malleable fabric with a certain softness to it, creating a wide monochrome silhouette for a contemporary feel.


Shagpile comfort

The comfort of the footwear becomes the most important factor. The application of soft materials, fur finishes and even heels to flat shoes comes from the desire to create a mix between indoor and outdoor life, thus creating a new trend of taking inspiration from slippers for living at home. This can be seen in the summer open sandals, now lined on the inside with leather, fur finishes combined with elegant touches for use in both casual and dressier looks.


Refined vintage men’s shoes

The return of vintage comes with a gender mix, as classic men’s footwear persuades women. Penny loafers, hybrid versions and lace-ups come in voluminous proportions and polished finishes. Aspects such as exaggerated lug soles and contrasting stitching patterns hint at a rebellious look that gives the traditional models some additional appeal in the youth market.

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