Jute and Raffia the sustainable fashion for 2021

Find out all about these sustainable materials.

The world of fashion and sustainable development is growing by leaps and bounds. More and more brands want to follow environmentally friendly processes and above all to carry out sustainable fashion. The aim of this fashion is to create a system that can be supported indefinitely in terms of environmentalism and social responsibility.

Lake Shoes is committed to this type of fashion but above all to follow manufacturing processes that are beneficial and do not harm the environment. In the same way it works with very sustainable materials.

This year 2021 two completely natural fibre materials predominate, we are talking about jute and raffia.

The natural jute fibre is extracted from the stem of the jute plant, which is grown in tropical areas. Known as the ‘golden fibre’, jute is one of the longest and most widely used natural fibres for a multitude of textile products and is the second most used vegetable fibre in the world after cotton. Golden it seems, eco-friendly it is as it is 100% biodegradable and recyclable, as well as requiring little fertiliser and pesticides. The commercial success of this type of material came about when hemp became scarce in the mid-19th century due to the Crimean War.

The extraction and drying process of the fibres is carried out with biological production processes, almost entirely by hand, which avoids the use of chemicals in most of the countries of origin, but the hardness of the work must also be taken into account.

On the other hand, raffia is a natural fibre extracted from the leaf of a palm tree found in Madagascar, of the Raphia genus. It is a very simple and natural material that is currently making a big splash in accessories and fashion. This material consists of interlacing the fibres to create thick structures or thinner, lighter and more resistant textiles, which are the ones we are most interested in using as accessories.

Raffia is a perfect alternative to replace plastic for storage, a raffia bag can save you a lot of plastic bags, not to mention the beauty and aesthetics that it has adopted over the years.

Do not hesitate to opt for a more sustainable production model and raw material, as you will be doing your bit for a more sustainable and ecological world.


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