Summer 2022 trends

We want to share with you the trends that are coming on strong this summer.


In the following post, we want to show you the new trends in the high fashion sector for the summer season, as these are coming strong and we have no doubt that they will cause a great sensation in the most passionate fashionistas.

From Lake Shoes we consider ourselves great followers of fashion and new trends that are appearing in society and that are adapted to all types of tastes and personalities and lifestyles. As a company dedicated to the footwear sector, our duty is to be aware of the trends, apply them to our products and present them to our customers. 

As we are only a few weeks away from the start of summer, we want you to wear the best looks of the moment. Keep reading! 


Neon green

Neon green is the colour of summer 2022. While it is true that throughout 2022 we have seen a wide variety of neons in monochromatic styles or in risky mixes, it is green in its more acidic versions like lime, which happens to dye the summer 2022. 


Mini skirts

The impact of the miu miu mini skirt has marked a before and after in the fashion sector and the coming trends. We have seen all Instagram full of this iconic outfit in which the clothes cover up just enough. In summer, when temperatures are higher, the mini skirt is a must. 


Animal print

The tiger stripe print has already established itself as the absolute star of the season’s animal print. However, there is also an alternative, the literal animal print in which animal shapes take centre stage. 



The oversize trend consists of wearing loose and comfortable clothes. Its translation is literally ‘too big’. This trend is perfect for summer, as travelling and high temperatures are more bearable with big and comfortable clothes. 

These trends will be the ones that will set the fashion and style trends this summer 2022. We took some Vogue articles as references. In them we have been able to see that past trends, new combinations of garments, new chromatic ranges, etc. are being recovered. If you want to know more about Lake Shoes, visit our web.

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