Production destined to facemasks

Our workers are part of our family. Authentic professionals of great qualification who work with meticulousness and maximum dedication to offer a product that responds to the maximum standards of quality. We can boast of a consolidated and committed team that makes the designs of the major international footwear firms possible.

That is why nowadays safety measures must be adequate to guarantee the health and wellbeing of all of them.

Safety in the workplace is now essential, and bearing in mind that there is a shortage of masks we could not put them at risk. For that reason, we have decided to dedicate our production to their safety, because if we take care of ours we will be taking care of everyone.

We have been offering the highest quality for more than 20 years, and now it is time to continue offering it, so we have dedicated the entire production of our company to the manufacture of masks. This guarantees optimal working conditions, which together with the antiseptic gel measure so that they can use it at the entrance, exit and during the working day, and making the decision to spray the whole installation to create a safe and risk-free space, we generate a quality climate.

In difficult moments like these, the union of all is the best method with which to fight and win against the virus, because every grain of sand counts in this fight. We want to contribute ours so that all this ends and we can return to normalcy as soon as possible.

Because to achieve this is something for all of us, together we will stop this virus.

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