At Lake Shoes we strive to achieve a positive impact on our entire environment: our team, our collaborators and our customers, since we know that the good development of the whole guarantees the quality and improvement of the product.


Our products are manufactured in a specialized way by the autoclave method and vulcanized, using materials of the highest environmental quality. Our facilities combine tradition and innovation, enhanced by the professionalism of our shoemakers, who are dedicated to the production of exclusive raw materials (100% natural rubber). The result is a high quality product that meets the highest market demands.


We require both ourselves and our employees to comply with social, ethical, labor and environmental standards. Our clients, shareholders and trusted suppliers comply with all our requirements in terms of the application of corporate culture; prevention, detection and eradication of irregular conduct; and compliance with the principle of legal responsibility.


We are committed to achieving a Code of Conduct and Work Practices that follows the principles and values that define us. This aims to ensure appropriate and ethical behaviour in the training and personal and professional development of employees, and facilitates the knowledge and application of conduct guidelines to all those involved, physical and/or legal of the company.


We take care of our environment and are concerned about the environment and sustainability, promoting coordinated actions during all our processes. We carry out measures that minimize the impact on the environment throughout the product life cycle: from design, manufacturing and distribution to sale, managing waste and manufacturing our own 100% natural and recyclable rubber raw material. In addition, we develop sustainable activities as a way of creating responsible value.

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