Lake Shoes Staff

Excellence and internationalization

Excellence and internationalization are two of the most relevant Lake Shoes family  mainstays.

Skilled professionals work with thoroughnness and maximum dedication to offer an excellence quality products. R&D is fundamental in our company.

In our factory, located in Crevillente (Alicante) we are 100 permanent employees.

We can boast of a consolidated and commited staff, that make possible the designs of the big international fashion brands


Main departments

These are some of the key areas in the company:


In the first place, José Alcocer, our CEO, takes care of the bussines administration. He defines the corporative strategy and leads the team.


Operations Area

The chief of Lake Shoes operations is Alberto Alcocer. He manages the human team and developes samples and prototypes. Other of his functions are the quality supervision and the international customer service.


Sales and customer service 

On the other hand, we can found the sales and customer service area, lead by  Pablo Alcocer. He is our representative in fairs  and exhibitions. Also, he develops samples anda prototypes in the “factory of dreams”

Development and production

Three of the most relevant points in our internationalization are EEUU, Italy and France. Marga Roca manages the international relations with these countries and aslo develops samples and prototypes. 


Raw material and purchasing

In Lake Shoes we work with first quality raw materials and, for that, we have a person dedicated to guarantee their excellence.

José Manuel Alcocer supervises purchases and materials for the creation of our products.


Lathe-milling masters

A very important part of Lake Shoes heart are their lathe-milling masters.

They invent new tools that maintain the essence of the Lake Shoes product.


Design department

We also want to highlight the role of the design and cutting area, with software and cutting leading machinery in the market.


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