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We are experts in vulcanized shoes. We create dream designs.

In Lake Shoes, we put the crafts and the tradition of one of the main cradles of the national footwear, at the disposal of the creativity and the innovation of the sector of the fashion. Among other techniques, we are experts in vulcanized shoes.

High quality and a great specialization complete this puzzle that more and more international firms want to be part of.

Among our soles manufacturing processes, today we want to highlights vulcanization, a method in which we trust because it offers a high quality and resistance. Next, we are going to explain you what it is based on and why has it conquered the collections of fashion big companies.

Vulcanized process

The vulcanizing process consists in mixing rubber or rubber with materials such as sulfur and subjecting them to pressure at a temperature highet than 150ºC. In addition, a cork sheet reinforces the adhesion and fixation during the process.

From this procedure, we obtain an elastic and thermoplastic material that gives a long life to the shoes.

With the vulcanized process, shoes seem new longer, but, it is not the only benefit that it offers. The great flexibility of this kind of soles involves a comfortable tread and, in addition, better healthy to our feet.

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