Lake Shoes en Première Vision Paris 2019

Lake Shoes come back again to repeat the only Première Vision Paris 2019, which brings 2000 exhibitors from 51 countries.


Première Vision Paris is a necessary event for the textile industry. The fair consists in six shows, each dedicated to a sector: fabrics, leather, yarns, manufacturing, designs and accessories.

The most important characteristic of this event is the validate of the expositors.

The diversity and the change is essential for the event, so it attracts to professionals of the industry around the word.


Lake Shoes shows you one more time its first quality raw material and its traditional and innovative technique.

During these last days we could show our new concept of street art, where we agreement for our news collaborators from Morocco Beli Rico and Alicante Rico Torelli. And we could enjoy a unique experience with virtual reality.

We want to say thank you to everyone who come to see and participate with us.

Now, you can see the best moments of the Première Vision Paris and the great job done from our team of Lake Shoes, where every year we strive to expand our borders and made international shoes to take the desing to a new reality.


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